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At the Second Hand Clock Shop, we pride ourselves on restoration of antique American and German clocks. We also work on the very old English tall cases.

Sometimes, mechanical time pieces have held a position of honor in many house-holds. Gifts at holidays and anniversaries have lasted the test of time. These units are the true green energy of their time. They only need occasional maintenance just like your car. Mechanical clocks never need batteries. As you know, a quartz clock is unlikely to last 150 years or more. For generations, time has been told clearly and hourly by your mechanical wonder.

Sometimes your clock may need case work to bring back the beauty of years gone by. Don't worry. We can do most case work, veneer, and blending to bring your clock back into action.

Regular service and repair is available for most clocks. We operate with a 50% deposit based on our estimate. Repairs vary and the actual price may rise or fall. All parts needed will cost extra. Repairs and restorations can take 2-3 months. After completion, any items left over 90 days will become the property of Second Hand Clock Shop.

Remember, the person who doesn't own an elegant time piece will surely want one. Check with us from time to time to find great clocks for sale.

Below are transformational pictures of some clocks we have restored.

Before: 1958 German Mantel Clock

After: 1958 German Mantel Clock

Before: French Production Brass Clock circa 1870’s

After: French Production Brass Clock circa 1870’s

Before: George Kuehl Quail and Cuckoo

After: George Kuehl Quail and Cuckoo

Before: Gilbert “Navy”

After: Gilbert “Navy”

Before: New Haven

After: New Haven

Before: French Bronze

After: French Bronze

Before: Hamburg America German

After: Hamburg America German

Before: New Haven Santa Clara Mission style

After: New Haven Santa Clara Mission style

Before: Lenzkirch knock off Black Forest Germany

After: Lenzkirch knock off Black Forest Germany

Before: Hentschel

After: Hentschel